Re-Imaging Windows (For Work)

The Bozeman Oracle branch doesn’t have desktop support. As luck has it, I am a talented enough sleuth to troubleshoot Windows issues.

Me: “I have a virus that has infected a library used by IE. McAfee isn’t picking it up, and I can’t find any remedies online.”
Me: “Did you try rebooting?”
Me: “Yes. Several times.”
Me: “From the Control Panel, you can disable Windows features. Disable IE and use an alternate browser.”
Me: “The product I develop requires IE for installations.”
Me: “Curious. Re-image your machine.”

See…no need for the middle man.

windows re imaging


I haven’t horsed around with a Windows install for ages…getting a nice sense of nostalgia.


Cool brobot, bro…


just sweepin bro

Brobot thought the couch was ubersketch…

Broski totally already snarfed my small niece’s small sock and some wrapping paper from under the guest bed. Party foul, brobot. Slow your bro-roll.

New Shovel

We have 180 linear feet of sidewalk. Reason enough for a new snow shovel…

honda 450

honda 450

Thanks to D-Rock for parting with his toy. I’m sure the sorrow will be history once the CanAm deal works itself out.

Legend of Zeltron

Per tradition

legend of zeltron

hero mode? no.

After a nine month parenting hiatus, I’ve managed to wrap up Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

Bonus points awarded to the developer who was tasked with reddening up the final boss’s hair in the final fight cut-scenes to keep it distinguished from the fire sky…

bozo the boss

ronald mcdonald

That bright red flame mullet doesn’t look ridiculous. At all.

I have an urge to take on Majora’s Mask, but estimate that the game would take me approximately three years to beat at my current clip. Might have to wait for the WiiU Zelda title to drop, and hope Emma likes watching Zelda more than the Disney Channel.