Variable Soldering Station

My trusty old Aoyue digital soldering device has seen better days…

dot com

dot com

I’m putting together a wine cork decoration for Katie. It turns out that a Dremel with a cutting head is the easiest way to bisect corks. It also turns out that cutting seventy corks makes a ton of cork-dust. Corks.

This stuff is everywhere…my soldering area is hardest hit. I’m not sure whether the more appropriate clean-up tool is my shop vac or leaf blower. Who am I kidding…definitely going leaf blower.

2012 Sandwich of the Year

Introducing the 2012 Sandwich of the Year: triple decker bacon w/ cheese

2013 sandwich of the year

triple decker

50% more delicious than 2011 champ, bacon w/ cheese.

Still busy, still no RazPi progress. Been working on a side site in the spare time…more on that to follow.

Happy holidays.