Android IOIO Digital Output

I am one coding session and one EE session away from having a pretty cool project to post. In the meantime, I am making some progress with the IOIO.

ioio android speaker project

+1 a bunch of wires

Eclipse and I are still having our issues, but the ADK is becoming less Greek to me. The next project should shed some light on what sort of possibilities IOIO presents.

I shot a video of one of my debugging tests. I eventually will be using an ‘open drain’ setup, in order to get 5V output, but am doing some testing at 3.3V. I hooked up an old speaker that I salvaged from a CRT tear-down to my test pins, to verify that my Android App was working.

Hit the jump to view said vid…

Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Android IOIO Digital Output

  1. Very cool. Like an Arduino on roids.

  2. Very cool indeed. Excited for the real project.

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  4. I liked your article is an interesting technology
    thanks to google I found you

  5. Amongst audiophiles, a digital output audio means that audio can be controlled through the device, such as an android phone, but the actual audio is processed through a Digital to Analogue Converter. Then we can hook up the DAC to an amplifier and finally hook up the amp to a set of headphones or speakers. This essentially produces a much more clearer sound quality that appeals to the audiophile ear. Does your project bring us closer to Digital Out audio on android or is this project for something else entirely?

  6. Sorry Suhayb. Totally different project focus. I could see a ton of benefit for the type of implementation you mention…very cool idea. I am not an audio guy, so that is out of my scope at the current time. Thanks for reading…

  7. I’d love to check out your code if you’d be so kind. Wanting to output a loud buzz out of a speaker when the GPS gets to a triggered point. Thanks

  8. Hey Mike…I have a bunch of source on github…check out

    3.3V digi out will fire a little peizo buzzer quite well. If you need more specific code, I can help you out.