Have I mentioned how much I enjoy developing on Windows?

Gallatin Valley Four Wheeling

The only thing I’ve been doing pertaining to the site has been to polish off the resume and get a new job. That sort of stuff.

I did run around the Gallatin Valley last weekend…chasing D-Rock and his gigantor ATV. 1000 cc…seriously. I really like the northern part of the valley:

atv four wheel bozeman

which was lovely

Nice little Saturday. More to come about the job…I’ll post some details when I start.

EE Feature

swan tron dot com recently made the front page of EEWeb. Well I’ll be.

eeweb feature


eeweb feature




I appreciated the bump in traffic.
I am more appreciative of the recognition by an EE site. Don’t underestimate we hacky math types.

Thanks to EEWeb…

Variable Soldering Station

My trusty old Aoyue digital soldering device has seen better days…

dot com

dot com

I’m putting together a wine cork decoration for Katie. It turns out that a Dremel with a cutting head is the easiest way to bisect corks. It also turns out that cutting seventy corks makes a ton of cork-dust. Corks.

This stuff is everywhere…my soldering area is hardest hit. I’m not sure whether the more appropriate clean-up tool is my shop vac or leaf blower. Who am I kidding…definitely going leaf blower.

2012 Sandwich of the Year

Introducing the 2012 Sandwich of the Year: triple decker bacon w/ cheese

2013 sandwich of the year

triple decker

50% more delicious than 2011 champ, bacon w/ cheese.

Still busy, still no RazPi progress. Been working on a side site in the spare time…more on that to follow.

Happy holidays.

Wii U

First impression: the software update phase takes way_too_long at 17 down

swan tron dot yawn

swan tron dot yawn

My guess is that hundreds of thousands of pimpled tweens are likely prepping their systems, in preparation for handing me my ass in Black Ops 2. Should be good times.


Busy at work upgrading the RightNow site. Busy at home chasing our mobile baby. Not too busy to throw a thumb up…


New blog content will follow shortly. I have a RaspberryPi Cobbler kit and case on order from AdaFruit, and a Wii U reserved at GameStop. Automated garage door opener is in the planning phase for the former, and Mass Effect 3 sitting in wait for the later. Stay tuned.

Galaxy SIII as an E-Reader

Maybe the most pleasingly unexpected aspect of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is it’s e-reader usefulness. I have a tablet collecting dust…the size / resolution of the S3 screen knocks it out of the park.

The iPhone 5 is a pretty nice piece of hardware, but that screen is a joke compared to the Galaxy. Take a look at the phone if you have not…best piece on the market hands down.

Even more pleasing than the e-reader function is the fact that I am done e-reading this boring piece of shit…

ulysses sucks

Scratch that off the old to-do list. Stab five at this thing was finally a success, with the four previous (print form) attempts failing after a short bit. I finally ‘get’ the book, but really think the thing is overrated. Whatever…on to something new. Go Samsung.

Re-Imaging Windows (For Work)

The Bozeman Oracle branch doesn’t have desktop support. As luck has it, I am a talented enough sleuth to troubleshoot Windows issues.

Me: “I have a virus that has infected a library used by IE. McAfee isn’t picking it up, and I can’t find any remedies online.”
Me: “Did you try rebooting?”
Me: “Yes. Several times.”
Me: “From the Control Panel, you can disable Windows features. Disable IE and use an alternate browser.”
Me: “The product I develop requires IE for installations.”
Me: “Curious. Re-image your machine.”

See…no need for the middle man.

windows re imaging


I haven’t horsed around with a Windows install for ages…getting a nice sense of nostalgia.