Lunch in the Cubicle

Still dining finely on fancy lunches in the cubicle. This week’s installment…three gourmet burgers.

nom nom nom burgers nom

nom nom nom

I find three to be the ideal number of main entree items at the office.
Unit 1, consumed at 10:00 AM, acts to lessen the coffee shakes.
Unit 2, consumed around noon, acts to kill the smells of coworkers’ lunches
Unit 3, consumed at 2:00 PM, pretty much just food show-boating at this point

+1 food show-boating

MMMexican Beer

Katie and I impulse bought the crap out of this at Costco…

mexican beer

mmmexican beer

…Dos Equis is pretty tough to beat. In my book. May your Cincos de Mayo be equally awesome. Buenisimo!

Cool Ranch

So there I am, eating Cool Ranch Doritos at work…



…noticing there is a correlation between “blue-ness” and “delicious-ness” Wait, blue is a color and a flavor?


enhance. enhance. enhance

Yep. That blue stuff is awesome. Imagine how amazing this would taste:


oh cool

I bet it would destroy your taste buds. Like looking at a laser…do not recommend.