Epic Time Battle

Here is a little fun-fact. As of a few months ago, there were more cellphones than people in the United States.

Millions more, in fact. The trend is the same for all Western countries, but let’s take a look at the US numbers specifically…roughly 311,000,000 people and 328,000,000 cell phones (per wikipedia…take that for what it is.)

Guess what they all have in common? The ability to tell time. Sorry watchmakers…you are fighting a battle of epic proportions.

Fortunately for the watch guys, they have style on their side…like this good-looking piece:

daaaaaaang thats a nice seiko watch

all black everything

Seiko watches provide a great example, or counterpoint per se, of why watches are still as relevant as ever. A watch of this quality both works great and looks awesome. Win / Win.

Another great thing for the watchmakers’ collective arsenal is the fact that the consumer now has purchasing power on their sides. Online watch shops like BlueDial beat the brick and mortar shops on price… embarrassingly so for the most part. Case in point:


- 202

Free shipping to boot…free two day shipping in fact.

Unless you decide to go with a very fancy cell phone holster…thinking something colored with some bedazzled beads…you are likely to get better style points by going with the watch route. You’ll thank me later.

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