IOIO PowerSwitch Project

I can finally report a conclusion of sorts on the IOIO / PowerSwitch Tail project. The ‘of sorts’ disclaimer is in regards to my Android App, which is pretty much a working beta. I have some issues with my onResume code, and want to put some polish on the UI. That said, I have released the code to the interwebs, so had better provide a write-up.

The setup is the same as I have been posting. Dual open drain pins with a 10K pull to 5V do the lifting…triggering of pins is handled via my IOIO board…Android app providing a UI to do the switching.


beta version: check.

I went ahead and published my app on the Android Market. It will pop for sure by searching for IOIO.

android market app


Price: free ninety nine. Can’t beat that.

I also tossed this code up on GitHub. Go nuts.

github example


Video time: see this in action.

Basically, between all of the shaky camera work, I download my app from the Android Market, connect via USB, and control the 120V relay via my Droid 2. I will shoot a better video once I clean up my code a bit.

Stay tuned. The README on GitHub and the app details section should have all of the connection information. I can provide any further details via email / comments / @swantron. Have fun with this one…

Link to android market
Link to project code at GitHub

4 thoughts on “IOIO PowerSwitch Project

  1. Joe’s first app! Nice. Does it have ads? If so I’ll click on them… Once I get a smartphone.

  2. Very cool! Did the relay come from Spark Fun?

  3. @Zac | No ads… pretty sure there are only a few dozen of us horsing around with this thing
    @Bruce | It did. I was horsing around on the PowerSwitch site and saw that they were backordered…Sparkfun was where I grabbed my relay though. I also grabbed the headers from them for this project; great site.

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