IOIO Seek Redux

I published my code for the IOIOSeek project to GitHub.

Here it is

Fork it, do what you will.

git hub ioio swantron

got git

My next step is to refine the project, add some automation, and make it cooler in general.

I grabbed a few thing to make that happen:

ioio seek solar panels extra

3x the possibilities

Second IOIO board for bootloader work…which will allow for bluetooth communications between the board and a phone. Two additional solar panels…to increase the complexity of my sensor setup.

Stay tuned…things should be in the works.

2 thoughts on “IOIO Seek Redux

  1. As soon as I can get my hands on an IOIO board, I’m using your code to teach myself the IOIO stuff. Got a nerdly idea and your code has the pieces I need to learn. Thanks man! I saw that Astros cap in one of your photos and I was hoping you were down here in Houston with me but no such luck.