IOIO Servo Controller

I just doubled my Android Market presence with one fell swoop. IOIO project number two is in the books: IOIO Servo Controller.

IOIO Servo Controller

servo in altoids can smells like altoids

This project is a one-off of the PowerSwitch Tail relay project I have out in the wild. I took the button out of the mix and implemented a slider bar…removed the relay and am now driving a hobby servo.

IOIO Android app

brand placement

Displayed is the relative level (zero to one) of the slider, the slider itself, and a shameless plug. The onboard LED also fires with a brightness relative to the slider position…which I implemented in the coding and sort of left in there.

The basic concept was to get the PWM output configured correctly, in order to control the servo positioning…the slider function is pretty much just the stock slider from the Android Development docs, widened a bit for the sake of video capture. The rest was just mashing around the code I had out there…not too bad.

Check the thing in action:

This project is available for download in app form on the Android Market. Right next to my other guy…search for IOIO. I will toss the code on my GitHub account as well. Fun project…I may branch and see If I can do anything cool with a few servos. We’ll see.

Shoot any comments to joe(at)swantron(dot)com. I can help with any setup issues, if they may arise. Good luck…

8 thoughts on “IOIO Servo Controller

  1. Found your project on twitter. Great looking android implementation! Where did you find that board?

  2. Sorry for the delay…thanks. SparkFun has the boards still…that is where I picked mine up. The firmware that ships with the newer models is what I built this around, so it should be a quick build to reproduce. Thanks for reading; holler if you have any questions.

  3. The latency seems way too high. Should be around 4ms so you should feel as if it’s immediate. Try IOIOSimpleApp that’s in in both apk and source code forms. Servo goes in pin 12 in this one.
    It’s really great that you’re sharing your projects! Keep it up!

  4. Thanks man…I’ll give it a shot. I thought it was a bit sluggish on the write portion. I’ll take a look at your code and see if I can optimize things a bit. Always appreciate you stopping by…great work on the IOIO. Having tons of fun with the board.

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  6. Looks great. Should help me write some code to control a Sabertooth motor controller, cause I’m a total newb with java. More comments in your code would be awesome, though. Thanks and keep it up. I’ll try to post some documentation and code once I get this robot up and running.

  7. I cant find your sample project within eclipse, when i try importing its not finding the project, am i doing something wrong. Thanks