Pushing to Master

Just hanging out. Committing a little Java.

pushing to master ioio android code

Java by Oracle

Introducing IOIOSeek v2.1.

new android ioio app


In preparation for my next project, I have beefed up my app to support four simultaneous servos, three real-time analog readings, and two binary digital outputs. I cleaned up the UI, and added some README details. You can snag the app or update on the Android Market (search for IOIO)

market android app

50 + ???

Pop over to the Android Market and give a review if you have it going v

swantron on android market ioio


As the commits hint, I have pushed my code out to my GitHub page. Fork that thing. Stay tuned for the next project…I just need to find some time to smash together the hardware and we’ll be good to go.

One thought on “Pushing to Master

  1. I am tyrnig to implement MediplayerSerivceConnection when i use your class i get following errors.1) The method onServiceConnected(ComponentName, IBinder) of type MediaPlayerServiceConnection must override a superclass method2) isHtc cannot be resolved to a variable3) The method onServiceDisconnected(ComponentName) of type MediaPlayerServiceConnection must override a superclass methodI get error no. 1 and 3 always no matter how i try to implement using different way too