Raspberry Pi Unboxing

It has arrived…

Raspberry Pi Unboxing


My condolences go out to my Arduino and IOIO boards. This thing is very amazing. Long story short, we have a full blown Linux box with a bunch of interface options. Stay very tuned.

My small sidekick and I shot an unboxing vid out of excitement:

Need to put the new house together quickly so I can play with this thing.

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Unboxing

  1. Nice! And +10 System on a Chip!

    Raspberry Pi looks pretty sweet, though I picked up an ix2-200 from iomega with an ARMv5 SoC (sim. to SheevaPlug) and have made it my bitch with an install of Debian squeeze and a custom rolled kernel. I can now VPN to the homestead from work or the road and print to my old-ass HP Deskjet 720c (including AirPrinting from iOS devices). It’s a time-suck, but quite fun to poke around the innards of a compact device. Not quite as many interfaces on my li’l board as yours, so it’ll be exciting to see what you tease out of your Raspberry Pi!

  2. … and congrats on the purchase of (and movement into) said giant tree!