SEO Protip: Ditch the Polls

Many moons ago, I heard through the grapevine that slow sites are penalized by search engines. Being the owner of a fast-as-lightning-bro-you-better-get-your-Nikes-bro site, I didn’t care. After plugging into the world of php, jquery, css, html, and a boat load of 3rd party crap on ol’, I have a slow site. Waah.

custom google logo

google folks impressed by all job offers to @swantron

(Hint: that ampersand in front up there ^ means Twitter)

Looking into the cause of my crappy speed numbers, the first culprit was my stupid “poll” plugin that I have been using. Nobody cares about the polls on a site, unless they have exhausted every other iota of content on said site. Not the case here. Not the case by a long shot.

I do have some content that is popping in the search engines, however. Tons of impressions, in fact. I am lacking the placement, even on swantron-specific terms. Maybe my lean-and-mean approach will win me SEO gold, readership silver, and living off of saying dumb shit bronze. Maybe. Polls are officially off line until the jury has deliberated.

4 thoughts on “SEO Protip: Ditch the Polls

  1. get rid of the jquery crap and you will be way faster

  2. this post is very usefull thx!

  3. one of these days everyone else will figure this out too. web 2.0 makes surfin’ the tubes a miserable experience