Spotify on Linux

Hey nerds. Guess what? Spotify on Linux.

Super easy too…fire up a terminal [ctrl-alt-t]

Step one:
cd /etc/apt
Step two:
sudo vim sources.list
Step three:
add “deb stable non-free” to the file

spotify for linux

sudo vim

Step four:
sudo apt-get update

spotify linux ubuntu


Step five:
sudo apt-get install spotify-client-qt

spotify on ubuntu

can I kick it

That is that. It is not a supported version, but I doubt anyone installing via aptitude will really care about that item.

Side thought: How sad is it that my favorite album came out in 1993? Old balls.

5 thoughts on “Spotify on Linux

  1. Good album, but not as good as The Low End Theory!

  2. Spotify is da bomb. Glad you linux nerds can get it too. I use windows, so I have the client already. Cool post Joseph.

  3. Hey Joel,Thanks for the uaptded links! Great to hear that the Olympus linux software is uaptded and better than ever!–PK