swan tron dot com

Don’t call it a comeback. Or a re-branding.

swan tron dot com

+1 sort of new but mostly the same

You can’t really re-brand something that lacks, in large, a brand.

Let’s just say, I’m dropping the ninja. The robot stays, but knows his place. Carry on.

3 thoughts on “swan tron dot com

  1. Even so they all want to let the robot tag..along…..A switch on the floor will raise a wall that acts like a bridge…..Youll come to a door leading to a room with 9 treasure chests. And on top of that Fattobajah has..reawakened!….Colicott turns to leave for Great Gnomes house but stops when she sees your..robot.

  2. looks clean, but buggy on IE8 as you mentioned.