Not sure how many physicists troll around craigslist, but if they do…


Hands down, the best description on a craigslist item EVER

FWIW, An oscilloscope measures two things: voltage and time. A charged beam of electrons “sweeps” the screen in a given time in the x-axis, and is deflected by a signal in the y-axis. The deflection from the standard signal in the trace can gauge the input signal’s voltage and duration/frequency.

And yes, the poster was correct. O-scopes are great.

Craigslist Foreplay?

Alright…this one is sort of confusing. From what I can gather, Duncan Gilchrist’s daughter is using craigslist to fondly rib Bruce, who apparently has a history of writing bad checks. One thing is clear…Duncan Gilchrist does not like the looks of mule deer. The post is unclear as to whether or not Duncan Gilchrist finds other game animals adorable.

Nice Try, Dipshit

In celebration of the release of Windows 7, (do not want) enjoy the following Bozeman craigslist entry…


Where do I begin?

1) Window NT came out in 1993???
2) $200 buys a 160gb netbook???
3) “If your savy”???

There it is…#3. Missed an apostrophe, an “e”, and a “v”. The poster likely would have caught that if he could have fired up the spell checker in Word Perfect…son-of-a-bitchin’ passwords, huh.