Network Admin Fail

I haven’t had much to publish as of late. Not for lack of trying; I have been quiet because of a damned roadblock. I figured I could smash my way through a few MAC/IP settings, and have my Ethernet Shield doing all sorts of cool stuff with my Arduino. I was sorely mistaken.

This afternoon, I took another stab at the thing. Even after attempting to put together a cross-over setup…I still cannot telnet to my goddamned card. I don’t know how many arp and ifconfig commands I have sent, but it has to be in the triple digits. To no avail.

Looks like it is back to network 101 for this guy. Son of a bitch. We’re going manual. On the bright side, I worked inside today…


+1 counter-height table

Bonus Pledge, courtesy of Katie.

For what it is worth, I found a few commands that don’t seem to work on the command line…

arp -a

command not found

I think I will pack this thing to work and tackle it on my lunch breaks. Enough is enough.

Motor Shield Assembly Steps

Good news…you don’t have to listen to me blather on. At least blather on too much…there will be some blathering.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was feeling lousy about failing to post some junk. Junk and stuff…electronics…programming is uber-super…blathering again…et…cet…etcetera.

awesome lab

awesome absolute must

make a list

diagrams. come in handy.


asterixes astericies astericxses

soldering x3

doot doot doot doot deet deet doot deet doot deet deet

nipple clamp


looks better

divert your gaze upward




crocodile done-dee

Servo Schmervo…Arduino Knob

Sweep is for breakfast around here…implement a knob or be gone.

Same principle as the Arduino sweep example from yesterday, but with a potentiometer doing the actual lifting. Lifting? Shifting…heavy shifting. I added a little potentiometer (little blue guy behind the RainBird sprinkler adjustment tool) to control the servo this go-around:



knob on arduino

more shame...more plugs

Another success. Dang. Looks like I’m going to have to whip out the soldering iron after all. Not looking forward to this effort; I have a bad feeling that I’m going to fail miserably with the project.

Maybe I’ll knock it out of the park. Life is a garden, dig it.

Servo Schmervo… Arduino Sweep

In preparation for the impending shit-storm that will consist of me, a soldering iron, and dozens of small, fragile components, I decided to see if I can actually get my Arduino to talk to a servo. Well, it turns out that the code is not the issue.

The built in servo library is pretty easy to tackle. A little bit of analogue, a little bit of digital, a little bit of shameless self promotion…


shameless plug



Step one…check. I can sweep through 180 degrees. Can I solder to save my ass (and semi-valuable electrical components)…time will tell.

Also, I’m post dating this post. Happy B-Day Betsy.

Arduino Haiku

I put together a little sketch while I was horsing around with the Arduino serial monitor…



…pretty stupid, huh? Especially, since it repeats this horrible haiku every five seconds. Forever. This is, oddly enough, the first thing I have taken the required 10 seconds to add comments to my code, which ought to be worth at least a +1

* Awful Haiku
* This useless thing prints an aweful haiku
* repeatedly, for no particular reason
* courtesy of your friends @


void setup() // reset
Serial.begin(9600); // set serial baud


void loop() // loop area
Serial.println(“Haiku “); // start of haiku crap
Serial.println(” “);
Serial.println(“Arduinos are neat.”);
Serial.println(“You can do a bunch of crap;”);
Serial.println(“Like print a haiku.”);
Serial.println(” “);
Serial.println(” “);

delay(5000); // 5 second delay

+ 1 Haiku
– 1 Awful Haiku
+ 1 Comments in Code
– 1 Useless Program
– 1 No LEDs

-1 Total. Sorry for wasting your time.

Arduino Button Implementation

LED. Check
Breadboard. Check
Bunch of wires. Check.
C++. Check.


Not Pictured: Button

What is that under my finger? A BAD ASSED BUTTON!

I’m going to have this robot up and rolling in no time. Everyone knows that every robot needs at least one button…the fricking kill switch. For, in case, said robot gains sentience and tries to kill the creator. And I’m not going down by robot death. Skin cancer, maybe, but no death by robot.

Arduino Robot

I’m not there yet, but let’s chalk this one up as a step towards the end goal…which would be the title of this post. A Damned Arduino Robot!



Granted, this is basically just my hello world (hola mundo) program with the addition of a solderlss breadboard into the fray. But, it is awesome and, I am going to be the coolest dude on the block when I come rolling out with a bad-ass robot.

I had better get back to work.