Nintendo to Rock Your World in 3D

Unfortunately, said world from the title is the world in the palm of your hands. Long story short, the DS is going to drop some sweet glasses-free 3D on yall suckaz.

dot awesome

swan tron dot com slash AWESOME

But don’t take my word from it…
TFA from PCW:

Imagine picking up a Nintendo DS and playing games in 3D without the clunky, dork-tastic glasses. Nintendo says a handheld gaming device that’ll do just that will launch in Japan before the end of March 2011, and that it’ll reveal its so-called “Nintendo 3DS” to the world for the first time at E3 2010 this summer.

But wait–3D without the funky eyewear? How does that work? Like those tricky picture perception puzzles, where you have to “relax” your eyes to see the mathematically embedded 3D picture? Or like the laser heads-up-displays that project an imagine onto your retina? Or how about actual head jacks, like the metal prongs plunged through occipital bones in The Matrix?

Matrix reference in aught-10. Poorly played, PC World. They continue…

Speculation aside, let’s assume Nintendo’s got the 3D part down pat, and that it’ll be at least as persuasive as the technology in the video above. The real question’s this: Will gamers buy a so-called “Nintendo 3DS” on the merits of 3D alone?

Ask that question in a broader sense, “Is anyone really interested in 3D?” and the answer’s “No one knows.” The technology’s all hype and punditry to date, a public relations push by technology vendors eager to sell pricey versions of existing view-screen technology with a slight visual twist.

Whatever, naysayers. 3D is awesome, and since it is Nintendo, it will be incredibly playable, and it will sell very well. Without any doubt.

I’m looking forward to it.

PS3 Review: First Person Shooters

Round two of the PS3 piece-meal review: First Person Shooters

After horsing around with the PS3 for a few weeks, I think I can finally pen a review of the ‘game’ portion of the damn thing. I have two games at this point, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Uncharted, Drake’s Fortune. Both of these games were gen 1 drops on the PS3, and both have sequels, so to say, with both CoD5 and the new Uncharted receiving great reviews. For our purposes here, the 2nd /vs/ 1st generation doesn’t make a ton of difference.

yeah it's blurry, big whoop. wanna fight about it

yeah it's blurry, big whoop. wanna fight about it

~~~~~~~~my SmackBerry is in need of a replacement…photos are blurry, so I Van Gough-ed the shit out of that pic. The Gimp rules, but I’ve already spent a ton of time on that soapbox. ~~~~~~~~~

Anyhow, here is the deal. Dual analogue sticks are fucking retarded. I make no effort to hide the fact that I am a Wii fanboi to some extent. Re-learning the dual analogue control scheme using the PS3 controller is more than an issue of fighting up the colloquial learning curve, it is an antiquated means of engaging in gameplay. CoD, World at War for Wii soundly beats CoD4 on PS3 in terms of accuracy, speed, camera control, and whatever else by which one could gauge a FPS. Uncharted, too, feels awkward. Not only in the controls/camera, but the graphics render block-ily in some levels.

I suppose the long and short of the deal is that even with it’s far superior graphics, the PS3 is still lagging behind the Wii as far as controller interface is concerned. For games (that I don’t care for) such as Madden or a traditional console fighter, dual analogue might be the bee’s knees. A well-designed Wii game, like Galaxy, Boom Blox, CoD, or Okami will smoke the shit out of anything on the PS3 to this point.

With a new Zelda and the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy slated to drop in 2010, pretty sure I’m going to be plugging AAs in my Wii-motes for some time to come.

Netflix on Wii

Well, Netflix streaming is finally coming to the Wii. In one fell swoop, there goes one of my two reasons for getting a PS3.


Live streaming will hit Nintendo’s console this spring, according to a today’s joint announcement between the two companies. The setup will be nearly identical to that of the PS3, with a free disc available from Netflix needed to stream…no additional charges, however.

I’m not sure how the Wii will compare to the PS3, since it’s 720 output seems like a stretch. I do like some HDMI…not really excited to fire up the RCAs again. I’ll give it a shot when it drops.

Mastering MS Paint: A How-To

Mastering MS Paint is not as difficult as one may think. In fact, with a little practice you too can become a champion MS Paint-er.

For maximum awesomeness, I employ a simple three-step approach:

1) Find an awesome picture to start with. Nintendo PowerGlove? Check. Kid from the Wonder Years? Check. Open that sucker up in MS Paint.

sort of awesome

2) Personalize. Chop your face out of another picture, using MS Paint. Paste it on the awesome picture from step 1, and drag the image to scale.

getting more awesome

3) Accessorize! This is the best part. See how the little shit from picture 1 has on sweet purple shades? Chop those suckers out, and throw it on that guy ^ you made in picture 2.

as awesome as it gets

See! It is just that simple!

And for the record…I’m all over those Warp Whistles in Mario 3. I’ll be in World 8 before you can say racoon tail.