Kodak Easy Share

I’m writing this post on the road. Opera Mini is what it is… It certainly is not a blogger’s smoothest means of posting content. That said, another day another dollar; there are paid posts to write. Like this guy about Kodak cameras.


easy breezy

The posting tool isn’t optimum, but the timing is right. We made it to Helena without our trusty
easyshare digital camera. I should say the ‘we’ with a disclaimer, since it is a bright pink Kodak Easy Share. Color aside, I love the thing. The picture quality is super, and the user interface is super easy to use to boot.

I’d you haven’t tried Kodak cameras in the past few years, you should give one a shot before buying another brand. They really have focused on usability instead of the bells and whistles, and have the best easy-to-use product on the market. They still have the features that the average consumer wants, but leaves out the type of additional stuff that is largely unused by most.

Check one out. They are fairly inexpensive now, and give you a ton of bang for your buck.

Stellarium on Ubuntu

It has been too long since I have sang the merits of Ubuntu. Meerkat is great. 10.10 LTS has been flawless for me, even since the beta, on both my notebooks and my Mini 9 netbook.

Anyhow, I have had Stellarium running for some time. I realized I have yet to mention it. Here is the view from my ‘laboratory’ from two nights ago:

moon venus

I apologize for my camera. Whatever.

Awful photojournalism. Wanna fight about it? Pictured is the Moon, Venus, the Moon, and Venus…the two former live, and the two latter via Stellarium. Pretty sweet. I have had Stellarium cranked up several times looking at stars, but my BlackBerry is far worse when it comes to photographing stars than it is when photographing planets and the Moon.

Check it out…price is FREE.99 via the Ubuntu Software Center. FTW.