Getting close to having my live wallpaper on the Android Market. I’ve hammered down the image, polished up the cube, tested the app on several emulators, and optimized the rotaion rate. More importantly, I haven’t drop kicked my notebook or tossed my Droid 2 out the door. I’m going to chalk this one up as a…
+1 probably the best Android App developer I know of.
For the win. I don’t know any other Android app developers, but I’m still giving this a big For the win.

Here is a sneak peak of said wallpaper:

new cube

-1 no animated gif

Not too shabby, huh? I’ll figure out how to sign the cert tomorrow, and see if I can get an account started with Google. Stay tuned, Android folk. I’m going to offer this for free.99, so you all better fire this up on your mobiles and report some bugs.

Stay tuned.

Image Overload: 3D Mapping on Android

I’m one step closer to dropping an app on the Android Market. I’m thinking ‘live wallpaper.’ The existing ones on the market are weak sauce, so I might be able to get some downloads. Keyword, “might.” That might be a pipe dream.

Anyhow, I’m learning how to render stuff in 3D using OpenGL. I have got the cube down, since it is easy.


+1 gif

You’re welcome for that animated gif ^

I’d like to have something (crappy) on the market in a few weeks. Don’t hold your breath, but we’ll see what I can toss together.

Motor Shield Assembly Steps

Good news…you don’t have to listen to me blather on. At least blather on too much…there will be some blathering.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was feeling lousy about failing to post some junk. Junk and stuff…electronics…programming is uber-super…blathering again…et…cet…etcetera.

awesome lab

awesome lab...an absolute must

make a list

diagrams. come in handy.


asterixes astericies astericxses

soldering x3

doot doot doot doot deet deet doot deet doot deet deet

nipple clamp


looks better

divert your gaze upward




crocodile done-dee

sry u guyz

srsly sry

srsly sry to the point of making an apologetic, aggressive, lightening-bolts-out-the-ass, image to show my deep, deep regret for my laziness.

pew pew pew crack snap pew

+ several aggressive

I realized that I have approximately nine posts sitting in my figurative TO DO box. Including the much anticipated stuff regarding soldering the Arduino Motor Shield.

Much anticipated may be a gross overstatement. It will be there, and we can judge at that point. Srsly.

Computer Forensics

It would be pretty unlikely, given my history blogging and working in the software development field, that I would not be a computer guy. Quite unlikely, and utterly false, for the record. I too am a huge fan of forensics. Kate and I have nearly worn out our old CRT TV upstairs in the bedroom watching Forensic Files on TrueTV. Can’t get enough of crime fighting science nerds. Saving the day with technology…pretty much my dream job. Combine those observations, and it is a natural assumption that I would be all about Computer Forensics, and that would also be a valid inference.

Maybe someday, I can use my mad skills to serve the purpose of expert witness in a sweet cyber crime…until then, I’ll be cranking out oddly-filtered images using the Gimp:


-1 weird investigatorobot

Remember the story from a month or so ago about the data exposure linked to printer hard drives shipped to China? Case in point…e-discovery is a huge concern currently. I’ll admit it, I had never thought twice about ‘what happens when you send a document to print’ until that hit the media. Even though the print jobs are not visible after a time on the printer itself, anyone with half a brain would think that said info could be retrieved. This is the realm of computer forensics professionals…yank that drive and get to work…all completely retrievable, until the drive is juiced and files need to be overwritten. Case in point, make no assumptions regarding what is assumed to be secure.

I stumbled upon Elluma Discovery while checking into the field a bit. They are computer forensics specialists…providing expert witnesses in e-discovery all over the place. How all over the place? The examiners in question have testified in State and Federal Courts, at arbitrations, mediations, and depositions. I’m jealous. I just use my skills to make sure lenders give credit where appropriate. If I end up in court in my current position, I have done something grossly wrong. Grossly.

Maybe Elluma is hiring…I could mix my computer skills with my firearms skills. Concealed carrying forensics tech? FOR THE WIN, SON.

Improving Existing Products: A How-to

Improving Existing Products: A How-to

Improving existing products is a snap! Start with a product. Here, I used this product, a dog poop receptacle.


boring old product

Pretty boring, huh? The first rule of thumb when improving existing products, is to make sure to improve upon the improvable, regardless of how improbable it is to improve appropriate items theoretically unprovable. Unlikely.

Here is my improved product:


much better

Turds FTW!