Twitter Project Teaser

A while back, I tossed a little concept video out to the nets regarding CLI interface with my site’s comments and an LCD screen. I figured that I could do a similar thing with my Twitter account…spurred largely by Adafruit’s Make it Tweet challenge. Well, it turns out that Twitter has a few hurdles to jump, in regards to posting tweets to an account.

My failed usage from the command line was utilising curl

> curl -u swantron:pass -d status=”command line test”

I was getting an error message, that basic authentication was not supported. For the loss.

It turns out that you need a few keys in order to authenticate, which requires registering an app with Twitter… like this

twitter dev account


There we go…keys in hand. Now, I need to figure out how to sew this together using curl or wget. If all else fails, I am pretty sure there is a py library that I can snag. Stay tuned…this one could be fun.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Project Teaser

  1. Netter Post. Schadet wohl nicht, sich damit im detail auseinander zusetzen. Werde gewiss auch die nächsten Artikel im Auge behalten.

  2. Merely wanna say that this is handy , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

  3. Hurry up and finish this project! I love CLI work!