Welcome Back!

Bouncerblog.com is most proud to announce the reemergence of the rat-tail into societal commonplace. Note the fact that Bozeman is a college town…i.e. a hotbed of uppity poser folk. Our SubaruwithblacklabwithYakimaracktotingNalgenebottles to person ratio is off the goddamn scales. Go buy some outerwear and hike the M, Bozemanites. Anyhow…

Here’s Bouncerblog.com’s cofounder at Samurai Sam’s yesturday afternoon next in line to a bonafide rat-tail sportin’ dude. I had a laugh and a bowl of yaki soba. Do feel free to email some hairdo pics to Swanson@bouncerblog.com…keep it PG though, I was raised Catholic. Joe

—sorry about the poor quality of the shots and to hell with Audiovox cell phones—

4 Replies to “Welcome Back!”

  1. Hey Nate Dogg…lets make this shit interesting. We publish a picture of said “bozo fro” and you are awarded with the first ever bouncerblog.com t-shirt. Grif and I will personally sign the thing for you…perhaps in Sharpie.

  2. …TotingNalgenebottleswithaCarabinerclip. Nice site guys. I’ve got some good hair pics from Bozeman that I can contribute.

  3. BAHAHAHAHAH…A RAT TAIL. Fuck yeah!! Never would have thought those things still exsisted this far north. Oh and joe, last weekend when you put Owen on his ass. I nearly died laughing, it made it even better when Owen thought you seriously had a problem with him! Thanks for a good laugh.

    Good work w/ the site.

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