Sandwich Outing

Hey y’all. Quick disclaimer. I have no intentions of turning into a site wherein I publish photos of those whom I feel that I am better than. See, I just ended a sentence in a preposition; I am not without my flaws. Check this out though…as a youngster I wore my hair in the same manor as Ryne Sandburg, so I do understand that children are both impressionable and blind to their outward appearance. This is assinine, however.

I wore hockey hair, so did Ryno. I traded in my do for a more contemporary cut when Sandburg let me know it was time. I never, however, dressed like my grandmother. Give me a fucking break fellas. Moreover, there are two of you. You guys are telling me that you piled into a sedan unaware of the fact that you looked like your brother, let alone that you were dressed identical to your grandma…thumbs down. Swanny

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