Weekend Results

I am writing this post with a sore toe. Dehydration, stress, and Johnny Carino’s house merlot seem to have onset my gout. For those of you who are under fifty years of age and have better genetic code than the Swanson clan, gout is a form of arthritis that affects me from time to time. It is essentially a buildup of uric acid in my synovial fluid, that crystalizes and becomes painful as all hell. Hundreds of milligrams of ibuprofen and a few gallons of water later, I hope to have this thing knocked down by tomorrow. Who knows though. The combination of my two jobs keeps me sweating for approximately seventy hours per week…add in the fact that I have been trying to get pre-approved for a loan and have been dealing with Bozeman PD in lieu of a fight in the Legion Friday and it is no mystery why I am having an attack. To make matters worse, I swing the Yukon into a Wall Mart parking space reserved for senior citizens and receive a nice little condescending note from an anonymous do-gooder. Thank you for that. I am not retarded, I am disabled…right Grif?

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