Opening Tailgate

This Saturday marked the Montana State Fighting Bobcat’s home opener. The MSU grounds crew has provided the Cats with a terrific playing surface this season…unbeknownst to most alum and practically all coeds in attendance, Grif and Steve Sampson included.

To those nonattendees, the game is secondary to parking lot drinking…in fact, the game is often only evident when the cannon is torched after a touchdown. Pink, personalized Bubba Keg’s full of hops, skips, and goes, naked for some…Pabst Blue Ribbon for others. Interesting day, though. While I was putting together a wiring harness for my Yukon, Grif and Biddy were putting 30 Busch Lights in a cooler with Country Time and vodka. Gross…I do my best to avoid ingesting all three of those. A few hours elapse and my work flatbed trailer is the place to be for a few dozen hard drinking dudes and dudettes. Feel free to join us in two weeks. I don’t imagine we will have grown up by then.

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