You’re Invited

Follow along Jonny College Student. With the help of, you can bump up the excitement level of your average tailgate. Go from this

to this

to this

Introducing the first ever pre-tailgate wine sampling. Join the gang Saturday morning for this unprecedented affair. Details to follow.

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  1. The hour of recknoning is quickly approaching, and I am still in a great state of anticipation for this event. Are we going to hear more? Or do I have to wait until the sun comes over the mountains on Saturday marking the start of our booze crazed mayhem?

  2. I just talked to Joe about this. We haven’t put much thought into it yet, but so far we just discussed everyone bringing a bottle of wine to start the festivities, to be followed shortly thereafter by bubba kegs full of hop skip go naked. We were thinking about just doing it all right there at the tailgate, but making sure we get a good jump on things. Maybe around 9-9:30? I know, it sounds crazy, but isn’t that the point? We’ll post on the front page when we confirm a plan. Oh, and if anybody has any good ideas, let us know here or give one of us a call.

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