Attention all bouncerblog.comers. This weekend marks the reemergence of the weird beard. Anthony has the weekend off from the country club and thus he Kyle and I will be sporting the hottest look in the facial hair grooming department. Feel free to join us at the best smelling bar west of Butte for this monumental occasion.

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  1. I love weird beard weekends. I think I might even be rocking one as early as tonight at the Motley Crue concert. And as far as weird beards and the Kevin Federline thing goes, quite possibly one of the funniest moments in Family Guy history happened 2 weeks ago. It was a family guy flashback in which Peter was Kevin Federline’s magic mirror. I was trying to explain this to Stef and Swanny and Paige a couple days ago, but i think i butchered it. Here is the dialogue:

    Kevin: “Magic Mirror, how can I look like a douchebag today?”
    Peter the magic mirror: “Well Kevin, I would say first of all don’t shave or shower.”
    Kevin: “Ok, I won’t”
    Peter: “And you just got out of bed right?”
    Kevin: “Yea”
    Peter: “I would say just go ahead and wear that tanktop all day”
    Kevin: “Um, ok”
    Peter: “Alright, so we’ve covered the hygiene, no collared shirts… Oh yea, don’t forget to walk around with an undeserved sense of accomplishment.”

    Sometimes Family Guy just nails it. This was one of those times.

    I might try and post the clip in the image gallery later tonight. For now, here is a link to it:


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