After three of my four Sleeg shifts of the week logged, I am becoming very tired of people. Question: Why does our society cater to the gutless? I have been dealing with officers Dunlop and Shultz of BPD regarding two separate mixes at the bar. I have two cocksuckers attempting to throw assault charges my way…for doing my job.
Here I sit, typing with a crooked finger from one of two said incidents thinking that this is pure bullshit. Case one. I’m tending bar a few weeks back when a patron comes behind the bar to tell me that his drink is weak. That is trespassing my friends. I provided the dude with ample warning to relocate before removing him. He has told the police that I knocked the drink out of his hand, tossed him against the wall, and took him out back in a headlock. This is true. He has however failed to mention where he was when this happened. Case closed. Number two. Tony and I get involved with a kid regarding an ID. After being asked to leave numerous times, and being made aware of the fact that he was indeed trespassing, this all-star decides to get physical. I end up throated from behind by this guy’s buddy, we hit the ground and start going at it. If there were to be any charges pressed, it should have been on this guy…I am however not a pansy. Anyhow, somehow this all plays out to have me looking at yet another ticket. How is beyond me.
I am at a loss as to why folks in general are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions. There is no excuse for this nonsense in my opinion.

Enough of that. I have been wrestling with my copy of photoshop, my ftp client, pjpg and JPG extensions, etc. and have not been doing a ton of posting. Look for a new section soon, however…I have one up my sleeve.

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  1. I’ve got some connections to some really good lawyers that love to sue the shit out people just for the hell of it. I’m sure when they get done with their current case involving a great dane picking on their secretary’s shi’tzu they can give you a call. If they are not able to answer your call it’s becuase they have to go to the bank when they get done to cash the $35 check they will be receiving.

  2. News Flash! New episodes of South Park and Drawn Together start on Wednesday night. I suggest the Legionaires rock an all night comedy bash! Pre-party/boozefest at the Baxter Comedy Club followed immediately after by watching the new shows at the condo or some other local. Anyone interested give me a call.

    Odawg out

  3. Joe I sympathize with you, I personally feel that the BPD don’t give you guys the credit you deserve. You are serving this great town a public good. You keep all the riff raff out of the bar. Instead they feel the need to cause you more problems for doing your job. Just think of the problems that would be created with a lack of all-star bouncers? There would be debotchary left and right. (well more so then normal). I suppose that when the BPD get over their power ego trip they might actually realize this, but I wouldn’t hold your breat.

    AK Matt

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