Foremost…check out the new hot or not section. It is linkable to your right. Enjoy and realize this is gen one of this bad boy; I will hammer out the format one of these days.

Now, here is the good stuff. Zig and I have collected in the past week some nice examples of the crazy things a guy or gal can get a laugh out of if he or she keeps his or her eyes open. Ziggy, who is, at present, affiliated with the Whitefish bar scene, mentioned his run in with the largest apple perhaps ever.

Gage the size of the apple in comparison with the hand basket…that is a big apple. Not a day later I run into this dandy in the McDonald’s parking lot.

Yes, those are both Ford Fiestas. I am a mathematician, but my skills are not sufficient enough to calculate the odds of two Fiestas side by side in a parking lot in 2005. I do have a suspicion that my chances of winning the Montana Cash jackpot are better than my odds of seeing that shit again though.

Next, I go grocery shopping.

Plain creepy.

Off to WalMart (aside–I am not a classy gent) Maybe I was just worked up from the grocery store…but product packaging was on the mind. Perhaps the two most blatantly obvious examples of complacency in marketing lesser quality products jumped out at me. Examine:

We have here a mullet-head table tennis player and this lady. I can only imagine how excited she was telling her husband that she was doing some modeling.

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