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Hey peeps. I am trying to give you all a weekly installment of my new Hot or Not section. Check it out; keep in mind that I am still not comfortable with the layout. Whatever. I know that the Grifmeister and I have built a small group of loyals, and the thought of said patrons calling up to find stale content makes me sick. I love you guys.

Also, I am somewhat surprised at the lack of activity regarding the past weekend’s antics. I feel that some of this was due to my business and Paige’s party…aka the reason for a ton of retardedness. Kyle was too inebriated to recall his Canadian cigarette box sized camera in his pocket. Dave (my boss/homie) was too jungle juice-fruit-drunk to realize that calling a guy a “fucking fagot” may result in a fat lip. In short, this guy is not too upset that he had to be tending bar before the alliterative shit hit the colloquial fan. Word to your mother Owen.

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  1. its become my opinion that the best (and only good) part of halloween comes from girls in their scantily clad costumes. not to be the halloween grinch equivilent, but i dont have to dress up to get a good view of the local ladies, as shown by my half ass hawaiin getup. got me thinking, how much better could the scenery be if this holiday occured in a more climate appropriate time of year. next july at the legion, summer halloween?

  2. I’m digging your thought process. There is bound to be some pagan ritual date that would correspond nicely with some warmer weather. That would eliminate the primary objection to us all going as Baywatch characters.

  3. Summer Solstice June 21st. Pagan worship of the sun god. Apparently from my research, they traditionally leap across bonfires to promote fertility of animals and crop. Nate I think that makes you part pagan.(ask Nate about his Summer Solsitce.

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