I decided to throw in the towel for the Dreamiest Slegion Employee poll. New votes have become sparse…and I was still getting my ass kicked. Final results: Katie over Hat Shop, %39 to %34, respectively. Congratulations to both of you good looking kids…I have a feeling that two of my five votes were from my mom and little sister. Enjoy the newest installment; note the fact that you creative bloggers can add your own input this time.

In other news, our favorite photo submitter, Chuck Dizzle, recently informed me that his model has been alerted of her presence in our gallery. Apparently her attitude towards said pictures was less than pleased. Shouting ensued…the police were mentioned…the pics are no longer posted. We regret any hard feelings. I personally feel that the TermiNater’s guy-boobs were more offensive.

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  1. I like the new poll. My personal contribution was solid. I think Cody is the one that usually busts this classic out, so a big shout goes out to that guy.

    It’s too bad to hear about the photo situation. Is it possible that he obtained said photos without the knowledge of the subjects? Oh well though, we aren’t here to offend, just to amuse and sometimes educate. Solid.


    p.s. Check out all the new pics jlo added to the gallery! Solid.

  2. little disapointed in the monday night hideaway turnout. props to joe and owen for being true troopers. remember these words of wisdom, in the beer drinking season, there are no bye weeks. hope next monday brings more folks, and pitcher after pitcher of the good stuff.

  3. I would also like to take the time to point out that the only three people who showed up have already paid their dues, shedding blood and sweat in the rat race to get their diploma. Good for you guys. Meanwhile, the rest of us are trudging through the trenches. So keep a torch burning for us, because were almost done.

    PS I was also just really tired on Monday. You know its a lot work being jLo.

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