The Ugly, the Bad, & the Good

I have been receiving odd looks since I moved to Bozeman regarding my growing up in Glasgow. West Dakota is pretty funny, aside from that I mostly get a lot of “Its pretty flat there, huh?” and even more “Its cold there, huh?”s. Eastern Montana does have a number of drawbacks, but is honestly not that bad. I managed to snap a few photos during my jont back for Thanksgiving with you all in mind. Stop one, Harlowtown.

I did not take the time to find out just how many businesses are operating in this berg, but the number cannot be more than about a dozen. Now, there are leaders and there are followers. Which of the three proprietors began using this lazy naming scheme is not as puzzling as the two others who jumped on the bandwagon. Quilts N Things, Coffee N Tea, and Clothes N Car Wash. Give me a break Harlo. I about broke my neck looking for Bakery N Guns. That concludes the Ugly section of this post. Small town America…I swear.

It is Bad that I have to feel gay to say that I miss the sunsets from my childhood. Enough of this section too.

On to the good. Fort Peck Reservoir. These photos do not really do justice to how large this body of water is…something like 130 miles long and over 200 feet deep in the channel. We were taught as kids that the reservoir has more shoreline than does the California coast. (fractals anybody?)

This all gets spit out to continue the Mighty Mo here. This picture was taken from roughly the same spot as the shot two frames ago, looking North rather than South.

Following the lake(sic) around its lesser arm is one route I often take when the weather permits. This way back to Bozeman offers between two and three hours of drive time with virtually no traffic. This is the badland area of MT…not hard to see why. The erosion patterns visible are hot spots for palentologists…they have been pulling a ton of specimens out of this stuff for the past few decades.

Last but not least. Wind power near Judith Gap. This past trip was my first back to G-funk since December ‘o4, which was pre-construction time for these monster turbines. I need to do some research regarding the entire setup. I heard an interview with Schweitzer in which he said that this project will provide 8% of Montana’s power, but I think this figure is low. I estimated between 75 and 100 turbines, with blades well over 40 feet…I will let you know.

So anyway…if you find out that somebody is from the eastern part of the state, exercise some tact in your response, please. Use the Harlowtown garbage if nothing else. Or combine them in a comical way…Energy N Fishin’ perhaps?

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