We Waited Bozeman.

First off, big shout out to Kellyn Brown of the Chronicle for the publicity in the Saturday edition. We did see a bit of a spike in our traffic, but not even a fraction of as much as Griff and I were anticipating at three in the morning. Sad dog 🙁 In retrospect, I suppose that the intersection of the group of people who appreciate stupid shit like bouncing, facial hair, and computers, and the group of people who subscribe to the daily news is quite small. But I still love technology.

Well whatever…I am okay with not being famous. Plus, I can put together posts such as this without the fear of offending people around town who prepare my food. For the time being I can take a few quick jabs at mullet heads without eating spit. Which brings me to the following.

Story time. A few years ago Ziggy and I were playing Trivial Pursuit, or shooting stuff with pellet guns, or preparing Top Ramen, or doing whatever college kids do. He asked me to cut his hair for him, I agreed under the condition that I would cut him a junior mullet. It was sweet indeed. I told him that I would not fix it for him unless he wore a tough guy shirt downtown to the Crystal for the night. A handful of months later I end up doing the exact same thing, minus the tough guy shirt, right before Christmas break. Zig’s father is upset with both of us, telling him that he cannot go into church, let alone public with said hairdo.

Well some time elapses, finding Ziggy back in Whitefish with a brother of about the same impressionable age. He turns the same mullet trick I innovated…they grow up so fast. Also, take note of the creepy dude in the background moving in for the kill.

Next, I have included for your enjoyment two photos from my ’05 collected works. I title them “Bewilderment” and “T-ball Pose Number 14.”

Big shout out to HatShopTony for his quick work throwing an asshole in a full nelson last night.

Lastly, one for G-Barnz. You have seen me wear crusty Cubs hats for about thirteen years. I feel uneasy in this hat, but here you go with the proof that I do own a Navy NY. Watch out for this duo skipping class and eating burgers in the SUB next semester, MSU.

2 Replies to “We Waited Bozeman.”

  1. Joe, thanks but I still prefer the tattered one from Chi-Town. The only black and white hats that I like to see you wearing are ones similar to the hat you were wearing when you took second place in the Valley County Fair. I’m sure you remember the great photography skills of your youth.

  2. Jesus christ…I had completely forgot about that bad boy. That b&w was my last non-fitted cap, placing me in fifth grade. I bet I could still put a wiffle ball out of your back yard.

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