Pre-Finals Antics

I am Vegas bound tomorrow afternoon and quite excited to be getting out of town for a while. Between my retarded text message fighting with Paige, the Tony/Katie saga, and Grant getting popped in the mouth at the Izar Bizar…I think I am ready to blow off some steam at the roulette table. Dave and I are probably going to be the two coolest dudes in Nevada. I expect to be kicking it with b-list celebs, Martin Mull and Frankie Munez and so forth. Maybe Johnny Fairplay will be hanging out.

Anyhow Hot or Not is new. Check it out.

This weekend was not all bad. We did manage to add to our ladies room photo collection. It turns out that Bouncer Bob aka the Notorious B.O.B is actually a fairly photogenic guy. Who would have thought?

I know this shit is stupid, but we honestly get a kick out of doing it. And Bob looks nearly as gigantic as the chick in our photo gallery.

Also of note, I also think that giving grown men wine coolers is about the side-splittenest thing a person can do. This is Mark chugging a Bahama Mama, in doubt so pinky out. As fate would have it, the snow on Mark’s back porch had a pink hue to it on the morning following this episode. Maybe the only thing funnier than a guy chugging Bahama Mama’s is a guy vomiting Bahama Mama’s.

Big shout out to Griff and his board game double date last night. Thumbs up.

The last order of business involves our second confirmed “hater” of I know we have disappointed a few people, and apparently brought one to tears by letting Shama do his thing in the gallery. I think Grant is honestly offended by his lack of recognition on the site, so here you go. Nerd.

I am toying with the idea of taking my laptop on the trip to keep folks posted as to what sort of trouble Dave and I cause. Perhaps I could create a chart to log my Wells Fargo balance…who knows. Frankie Munez and I watching the pirate show at Treasure Island?

2 Replies to “Pre-Finals Antics”

  1. F you Swanson. It’s too bad you weren’t there on Saturday, we cleaned up in Trivial Pursuit, I bet we would have beaten you too.
    Make sure you rock the shirts in Vegas and keep us updated.

  2. Yeah you guys did do pretty good, especially when you landed on the computer questions. I like the site, I’ll have to post from time to time, to check out the crazy goings on at the most happen dance club Bozeman has seen. Swanson, good luck in Vegas.

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