NYE 06

I think I can wish you all a happy new year without offending any readers, so there you go. BartenderNicole, ShirtShop and I ran our asses off last night and succeeded in providing Bozeman with a great deal of hangovers. Just a few quick pics from the night:

The first two show the brothers Morrison getting jiggy w/ a fine bottle of sparkling wine. ***I think I may try to throw “jiggy” in my posts until we see it in our search key word list. And often. ***

The large pic pretty much sums up my style behind the bar. I serve dudes to the point of unconsciousness and then have fun at their expense. This photo was snapped at ten p.m.

Also, I stumbled across this video clip last week. I have neither heard nor used the term pecker head in fifteen years, but that is precisely what comes to mind. Enjoy.

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  1. Good lookin’ out Swanny. I see the word about Winnemucca is catching on! You managed to snap a shot of someone throwin’ up the Dub for my set! Noowice son, respecK! However, I must reprimand you for throwing in the link to that atrocious, chubby, pre-pubescent, zipper pants wearing, flamer witch I couldn’t stop watching until it was over. Damn you anyhow! It was like a train wreck: I didn’t want to look, but I had to.



  2. I agree about the clip. You don’t want to watch it, but it was almost like I was waiting for something tragic to happen him, but to my dismay no. He just kept right on rocking it over the rainbow with his chubby ass and spandex pants…and do I detect a hint of a mullet?
    Alaska Matt

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