Swanson Family Fun

According to my mom I missed one hell of a party in Glasgow on the first.  The Swanson’s apparently felt a need to feel like ass on the second…to bring in ’06 with headaches.  Five cases of beer a case or two of wine and two bottles of hootch (sp) dog-eared for my uncle Jeff. 

So anyhow, I think everyone was amused with their drinking ability.  Mom sends me these pictures of some of the action.  First off, my uncles Marc and Jeff posing to show their belly sizes.  Innocent enough. 


 Next, my dad and cousin Jay join the action.  Notice the sippy cup and untouched tray of broccoli in addition to the two empty bottles of blended Canadian whisky.


And here you go.  The brothers bellies.  I think I lucked out on the genes…Dad looks pretty good for his early fifties.  Check out the lower right portion of this last pic.  Someone is going to crack open the white zinfendel bottle.  Out of everything else I assume. 


In the long run, there was only one wine stain on the carpet, which came out relatively easy I understand.  Oh yeah, Julie doesn’t really recall which one of her aunts gave her a ride home. 


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  1. I bet my sister is real proud of Joe’s dad and his brothers. It didn’t surprise me. I guess I went home too soon this year.

  2. Dad thinks Mark and Jeff are going to put out a contract on me. They are all pretty good at holding grudges, and at getting even. Time will tell.

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