Legion Ad?

Grif did a pretty fine job summarizing the weekend. Too much fun for this cowboy…I have spent the past twenty odd hours coughing and drinking orange juice. Maybe getting punched in the chest on Saturday loosened something up. Who knows? The worst thing about being sick may in fact be daytime television. The History Channel has been playing the same three programs about the Asian front of WWII, and CNN is only interesting for about an hour. FoxNews is more conservative than Grif anymore…just kidding bro.

I do have a challenge to our viewers. Come up with a tag line for the legion with this photo in mind. I think we can surpass KO’s club with this gem.



“I like pickled okra and the Legion”

Let us know what you think.

2 Replies to “Legion Ad?”

  1. I’m proud to say I bought that great shirt for Tone!

    How about “I wear whitey tighties & work at the Lege”

  2. “Would you like puke with that?”(in a Corky from “Life Goes On” voice)
    “The Legion….Save money on birth control pills and condoms.”
    “The Legion…where dreams come true”
    “The Legion, we’ll love you long time!”

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