Even Worse Than the Leather Pants Kid

First off…big shout out to Shmeric.  It is nice to hear from you.  No big bounces of late, but it is only a matter of time before I get smoked in the face again.  Stay tuned. 

Now to the guts of this post.  Ziggy, aka Ziggy Mathews, aka Mr. Feeny’s student Corey Mathews, sent me this assinine link.  I think it may in fact be more ridiculous than the “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” vocalist. 

Chubby Pokemon Kid

I am somewhat  curious at my recent tendancy to give weird kids hell.  Whatever.

2 Replies to “Even Worse Than the Leather Pants Kid”

  1. What the hell ever happened to the survival of the fittest? There was a time when we would take kids like this out back.

  2. If I was that parent I would have beat the kid with the camera halo style instead of listen to that cat strangling. All I gotta say is that was pretty bad. However, I feel the plump kid in the spandex pants singing over the rainbow was worse. After all he had choreography and back up dancers. Now Joe are you trying to force your readers to drink? With videos like that I would most likely have to take a trip to the legion just to clear that out of my head.
    AK Matt

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