Hey everybody.  I picked up a copy of Filth and Foul’s newest album The 406ers this weekend. 


I have to say that I was surpised as hell at its quality.  I ended up running into Nick at the convenience store yesturday and spent some time bullshitting about the disk.  It turns out that DJ Bees has gone into religion and (I kid you not) is in Haiti dealing with people who claim to be possesed.  Weird.  Even so, the new album has some pretty tight content and a ton of shout outs.  I figured that it would be fitting to give Nick some publicity after listening to his work for the past few years and seeing his growth musically.  As luck would have it, our old buddy Kellyn Brown has already beat me to it with an article in the Chonicle.  Check it out…good looking out fellas.


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  1. This comment has nothing to do with the 406ers, but I’m just curious who the hell are these 8 people that actually think the Seahawks are going to win the Super Bowl?

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