Tax Time

 I knocked out my taxes at the Pub Hippo this year.  Did you?



For those in the dark, the Hippo is home to the 22 oz Kiboko…cheap beer in a funny looking pimp cup.  I prefer my Pub Pilsner, which I suppose to be Busch Light, with a healthy dose of Clamato.   I love Wi-Fi. 

2 Replies to “Tax Time”

  1. TAXES!! Shit, you know the problem with being a full time alcoholic (read: student) and a part time employee is the number of W-2 forms you rack up over the course of a year. So while I am waiting for the rest of my old employeers to hunt me down, I guess I will kick back and enjoy some free Wi-Fi and a large beer.


  2. I too would agree with the great beer deal at the Hippo. Their food isn’t too bad either, and its cheep. The Hippo became a hot spot Thursday nights for Education majors, after all we can do the math and know a deal when we see it.

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