It’s March

It is March.  Happy March.  Coming off our first month of declining numbers, is still going strong.  Though Hatshop (I am working with hospitalpantshop or perhaps bluepaperpantshop) Tony is banged up, and Grif is second-guessing our mustache tradition, I am keeping it gangsta. 


I purchased a new Rocawear backpack to trizzansfer my bizzoks and lizzaptizzop computahh.  Moreover, I will be basking in the Jamaican sun in no time.  With board shorts on. 

Anyway, I know some of our regulars have sweet trips planned…keep us in mind.  Drew, I will wire you some cash to go back to the Shaft.  We love content.  And drunk Tony. 


This may be my favorite picture we have pulled out of the bar to date.  Tony tardin’ out and Grif with a standard bouncer pose in the background. 

3 Replies to “It’s March”

  1. bluepaperpantshop is definitely the way to go. I think Tony in paper pants drunk is one of the funniest things I have seen. The only bad thing is that by getting his leg torn up, he deprived the rest of us of his dancing talents, which are quite astounding when he is drunk, and which could have ended up being funnier than blue paper pants.

  2. I must say that this picture is slightly above average but it doesn’t even begin to explain how sweet that saturday night actually was. I do think that I would have actually liked to see my dumb ass taking my clothes off at the greatest dance club in bozeman instead of having to get 26 stitches to take care of a nasty gash in my leg.

  3. Oh, and to set the record straight, I will in fact be rocking the ‘stache this weekend, but not until Saturday. I probably won’t make a bar appearance Friday, and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.

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