Jamaica Pictorial #3

Q) What do you do when you are traveling abroad and find your self quare in the middle of a racket?  The maid accuses your traveling mates of stealing a woven tissue holder?  The security guard lets a burglar into your vista? 

A) You suggest to Russ that he upper deck the mother fuckers. 



2 Replies to “Jamaica Pictorial #3”

  1. Sounds like the dirty bastards definitely deserved it.
    Nice to see you documented the results so that people who aren’t in the know have a better idea what an “upper deck” entails. Not to graphic, but gets the point across. Good composition really.

  2. I would definately agree with Griff. I would even go as far as to upper deck the lobby bathrooms as well and share your distaste of the facility with the public.

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