Christmas Morning Revisited

So Grif, J-Lo, and I all admitted to our spastic tendancies regarding video games.  I can aver that I had at least enough class to pick my poisons.  Enjoy the video. 

Either Kendall or Owen?

Shit Grif, at least the two of us have age on our side or we too might have been embarassed by this bad boy.  I can eliminate the Budewitz household as the scene of this crime…Biddy would have spent less time throwing gifts and more time arranging them. 

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  1. I never got into the whole power rangers thing, so Im gonna have to say that clip was more Owen’s style. Had the kid been opening up the Ninja Turtle’s killer van, then I might get that excited. That thing was cool.

    On a different note, its good to finally take part in the bouncerblog experience.

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