Its a Search Term Party!

I hate to have to trump your post JLo, but there ain’t no party like a search term party! ’cause a search term party don’t stop!

Whatever. Time has come, though, to let you all know some of the more assinine phrases we have encountered lately. From time to time it seems a person sees fit to fire up Google and enter a string of utter nonsense. “Show me what you are made of, Google.” Google seems to think an appropriate response to these queries is throwing up a middle finger and a link to Thanks Eric Schmidt. Here is your handy work:

freemos pizza–mo’ pizza mo’ fun. I checked this one out…we are number five on a google search for this term. Heeeeey!

schweitzer fluid–This actually has come up more than once. I find it amusing to picture the poor bolo tie-wearing bastard who so desperately seeks information about Schweitzer fluid that he clicks on “Montana Bouncers in Action” as a last ditch effort. More than once. Plus, after this post, will have mentioned Schweitzer fluid three times…you are screwed, buddy.

ass story–?

ear bar–What

bubba keg–There have been a few months where these little guys kept us interested in blogging. Thanks Bubba Kegs.

beer bellies–I suppose this is easier to type than “pictures of NateDawg and Bouncer B.O.B hangin’ out”…the capitalization and grammatical marks get to be too much.

slegion com–I suspect this was keyed in at the Janes’s compound at around four in the morning. “What’s Griff and Swanny’s website called slegion com?…dot gov?…look, Frank shit on the wall!”

cute little rats–Bev and her boyfriend

stripper bar bozeman–Josh

ass shot–Bev

tribute to the hoff–and…

brokeback mountain the hoff–I take pride in the inevitable fact that there are some Hoff fansite webmasters seeing a decline in traffic due to my post. Nerds.

leather pants–I love ’em too…but you better ask Jeeves.

tony roof blog–I wonder if this exists. Maybe you should grab the domain name, ShirtShop, just to be on the safe side.

hawaii bar shirtless–see leather pants

working on colt .45–This is one of my favorites. I can see two sticky situations: 1) I have only sucked the neck off this bottle of low grade malt liquor and my fellow gang members are about ready to see me puke all over myself, and 2) my god, I can’t believe I knocked back two fortys at lunch…how am I going to get this goddam bank statement reconciled?

wwkfd–K Fed is probably checking out my MySpace account right now. We’re tight like that.

tweaker daryl–Agggghhhh!!!Show me your conservation license and upland bird stamp!!!Mind if I vaccum out your glove compartment!!!

razadecaza–tippy tah dow…sempatow

frankie munez shirtless–This is why I decided to put this post together. You sick bastard.

I hope you have that image in your head all day too. See ya.

2 Replies to “Its a Search Term Party!”

  1. dont know how i’m on the internet now, must be stealing some neighboring apartments unsecured wireless signal. (shhhh, keep it a secret) since moving jan 1 i havent had residential internet access. i blame having 2 non nerd non computer owning roomates. my only source is cell phone internet, which is slow and tedious to say the least. but even though i havent been posting here i have been partying, making regular legion appearances. hope your all amped up for my birthday on april 30. acceptable gifts include cash and beer. bye for now,until the next time i can sneak on to someone elses signal.

  2. Wow, the underbelly of the internet never fails to amaze and frighten me. I would like to comment on one in particular, the search term for “stripper bar bozeman” the only comment you have is Josh. We are all aware of my affinity for all things strippers. But I would like to suggest an addendum to that comment so that it reads:

    stripper bar bozeman: Josh and/or Cody

    Because as most of you know, it was Cody that was riding shotgun that fateful night that we got picked up. More importantly, I was not the one that night who proceeded to enjoy a SEVEN song lap dance. Yes folks, I typed that correctly. I will leave it to your imagination how much that set him back.

    My only concern now is, when are we going back?
    And can I get a ride from somone?

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