Sorry for the lag in posts.  Not really though; I have been busy.  Between my buying the SS, skipping across Canyon Ferry on Dave’s jet ski, and beautifying various yards of Gallatin County, I have not had a surplus of time to keep our fan’s thirst for nonsense quenched.  Lets get up to speed. 

Gory shit first.  Leaving the bar on Friday night, we noticed some bouncers from the R Bar hosing down the sidewalk in front of the bar.  Blood everywhere, gun involved, etc.  As luck would have it, the mess was from my buddy Dane.  Say hi Dane. 


This pic was taken at the ER early Saturday morning.  He is fine…a concussion and a few stitches.  Bad deal though.  Apparently some concert promoters beat the shit out of Dane, worked over my buddy Meiss, and pulled a handgun to keep people from assisting.  Gutless cock suckers if you ask me. 

Next, and even more disturbing, comes the subject of my eating habits as of late.  Albertson’s has three dozen eggs for a dollar right now, (Voy–get in on this)  so quite naturally I have two dozen eggs hard boiled in my fridge.  What do I have for dinner you ask…




Fried Spam and my weight in iced tea, of course.  And a multi-vitamin, because I am healthy like that.  Healthy enough to wipe out twenty nine breaded shrimp in a sitting, (I know you are secretly impressed, Meg) or perhaps a healthier pound and a half of non breaded shrimp with butter. 


Plus, for a guy without a sweet tooth, I have been eating far too many Reese’s Cups.  Gross.


Post some stuff, teens.  We love content.  I am toying with the idea of having a weird beard weekend, and with really embarrassing B.O.B. with some hot action shots.  Until then, hang loose. 



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