Bombs over Beirut

I stumbled across these pics on  They are pretty remarkable.


These were taken from a Hezbollah-laden suburb of Beirut on the twelfth and twenty-second of July respectfully.  Seeing as how there have been thousands of pounds more explosives dropped on the joint in the past two weeks, and moreover that the US plans to let Israel pound on these fuckers for at least another week before anything happens, I can only imagine that this is only a glimpse at the wreckage.  Good thing Canadians are pretty much just beer drinking funny talkers. 

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  1. Here is another version of the same thing that shows a larger area:
    This is almost to the point for me where I just don’t care. These people have been fighting for centuries and seem perfectly happy to destroy themselves in the name of religion. Has anyone noticed that the violence in Iraq now consists almost entirely of Iraqis killing other Iraqis, mainly civilians? Sure there were civilian casualties when the US entered Iraq, but now over 100 people die per day, exlusively at the hands of other Iraqis. Over 3000 in June and I’m sure at least that many more since. You may not think we should be in Iraq, but you have to be blind to not realize that there is something much bigger and much worse going on in the middle east. Us being there just accelerated that part of the world in it’s drive toward self-destruction. Since this is only a comment, I’ll quit ranting for now. Have a great weekend!


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