Rod/Mindy Update 1

Well, I am in Denver. Now where are all of the gotdamn omelets?

The Zigmeister, Rev, and I made it to lovely Colorado (in the SS due to a Dodge Dakota that showed up to Bozeman three quarts low of oil approximately a day and a half after it was slated to appear…good looking out Zig) with only one speeding ticket. This ninety dollar fine will make my total for the last two months an even four hundred dollars if you happen to be keeping tabs. I did however manage to get pulled over with a shirt on for the second time in a row, which is nice.

Tomorrow ought to be a great day regardless. Rod, god bless him, managed to line us up with a trip into the belly of the Coors brewery in Golden. Apparently there will be ladders involved; Zig is none to excited. The evening will be spent at Coors field watching the Rocks/Nats game, likely with Coors in hand. Chicken dance and the Macarena sometime after that…

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