Stupid Car

I spotted this dandy of a vehicle in the Home Depot parking lot this afternoon. I think we need to track the owner down for a photo-op. Picture Grif in this little pistol shooter. Ahh.
stupid car
another stupid car picture
here is the stupid car again
With oil below $65 bucks a barrel, we are bound to see some cheaper fuel in the not to distant future. I hope gas prices drop just to spite this asshole…imagine crawling into this diminutive piece of shit every morning. Or better yet borrowing the parents effeminate lime green three wheeled car for the big date. Or trying to skirt Bozeman Pass in January…two wheel action…goin’ huntin’?

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  1. I was kind of curious about this little guy, so here is some info: it’s called the Zap Xebra, and Kiwi Green is just one of 4 exciting colors that actually includes a black and white version called Zebra Flash. I personally enjoy the use of an X to spell Zebra. Be careful though because although it has seating for 4, the max capacity is 500 lbs. No need to do the math: that is 4 tiny little people. Think about it this way: bouncer B.O.B. and I would have to take turns riding in it because we would kill the thing if we both got in at the same time. I guess I don’t really understand the point of this thing in Montana since the range is 40 miles. Maybe he was at Home Depot to buy a GAS POWERED generator to charge that baby up for the drive home.

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