Schwitzer /vs/ Koopman ’06

Brian Schweitzer’s bolo-tied-up smarmy ass just gained a level of respect in Swaniachi’s book. I hate partisan politics somewhat less than I hate blind belief sets…draw your own opinion.

Guvnah’ Schweitzah’

Chalk one up to logic. Keep in mind that even though his figures were vague, Brian does hold a masters degree in soil science from MSU. Roger Koopman is a ultra-conservative thirty year local hack politician who doesn’t trust the Internet and its “hate blogs.” Fuck you anyway, Roger.
I do like how the show of hands came into play…not enough shows of hands anymore.

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  1. Good find Swanny. If I had found this, I definitely would have gone off. I think it is the first intelligent thing I have heard Schweitzer say. This piece of the article makes me absolutely cringe: “Koopman said his belief in the Earth’s age is not based on his faith, but on his scientific investigations.” It absolutely baffles me how people can be so completely ignorant. I’m going to go ahead and declare myself an expert and make it real clear right now: creationism and intelligent design are not science, they are religion. Creationism (intelligent design) and evolution are as mutually exclusive as any two things can be. I am not against religion, but ideas like Koopmans, if allowed to propagate to this country’s youth through public schools, will just hasten our downfall.

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