Pick Your Poison

I like a lot of things. I like how Grif and I post garbage on here that goes largely unread unless of course said garbage pre or proceeds a photo or video clip. That is quite alright; bouncerblog.com is a means of us to say whudeva about whudeva…so whudeva. We could and do talk about the junk we post in person. There is some creepy satisfaction in having random people drop in an perhaps get a rise or some insight in our babblings. Is that a word? Anyhow, our stats show that amid our images.google.com directed viewers and wtf search terms we get a ton of direct activity…meaning that we have a mess of fans to date. Give yourselves a big Arseneo Hall whoop whoop.

Without further ado…I have two gems for you:

1) Bitchin’ femullet at Quizno’s

2) Airbrushed bitchin’ sorcerer on a bitchin’ late-model Chevy
Hell. I will even photoshop the details into better view
This is how we chill from ’06 until…happy Wednesday gang.

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