Denim Danielle

Hey teens. Remember this trio from a year ago?

I still love these little pushovers…The “my favorite color is also lime green, Grandma” kids rule. Well, a dozen months later, same bat place…same bat brick wallpaper…
Yessss! Female Canadian Tuxedo with a pre-femullet do. Still writing checks, I notice. I strongly prefer assholes who pay in change over those who pull out checkbooks in public. You remember those Diner’s Club cards? Yep…they sort of took off, friend.

Roommates B.O.Beezee and Big D are laughing at you. Darrell is only laughing at your wardrobe, however, because he still writes checks at the Leeg.

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  1. Yes, mullet lady. I tapped that shit about six months ago. An interesting yet lesser known fact: she has not one but two mullets.

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